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The Theatre Section of the Australia Council for the Arts is calling for content to create a digital showcase of Australian women in theatre.

The exhibition will include stories, personal reflections and memorabilia celebrating the contribution of women theatre-makers to the Australian theatre scene. It will be installed in the Rover Thomas Auditorium and ground floor windows of the Australia Council offices in Sydney the week commencing 24 February 2014, and will be open to practitioners and the public for viewing until May 2014.

Women theatre-makers and producers from around Australia are invited to self-video a contribution and send it to the Australia Council for inclusion in the exhibition.

How to contribute

Deadline: 1 February 2014.

Content Guidelines:

Must be up to 2 minutes of video; a direct camera address that responds to one of these four provocations:

STORYTELLING: tell a great yarn from your professional history, one that sparked a moment of personal inspiration, challenge or change.

REFLECTION: share your reflections of your practice and/or career, and the joys and challenges of being a woman theatre maker in Australia.

MEMORABILIA: show us your favourite piece of theatre memorabilia. Video yourself with the item on camera, and talk about its history and significance to you.

POSTCARD FROM THE FUTURE: send yourself a postcard twenty years from now. What do you want to share with your ‘present self’.
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What is the landscape like for women theatre-makers in 2034?

Technical specifications:

LENGTH: up to 2 minutes (edited, if you have the skills)

FORMAT: Original HD 1920 x 1080. Recorder through a video camera, computer or mobile phone or tablet.

FRAMING: Choose a quiet space (not outdoor, or with too much ambient noise). Position yourself in front of a plain surface (e.g. a blank wall). Position your device on a stand or steady surface to frame your head and shoulders (mid shot). Record, speaking directly to camera, as naturally as possible. Record your video in one continuous take if you can

How to Submit

You can deliver your (uncompressed) video by 1 February 2014 via the online following options:

1. Youtube or Vimeo.
2. File transfer or storage services like Hightail or Dropbox.

Need help?
Technical questions can be addressed to Will Taylor (Content Producer)

Once you have chosen your preferred method of delivery and uploaded, email the relevant link to

IMPORTANT! Please don’t attach videos to emails, as these files are too big. If you have password-protected the video, make sure your email includes the password/permission to download your video.

Please forward this call-out to women in theatre you think might like to contribute!

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