by Sue Smith

Sydney Theatre Company and State Theatre Company of South Australia

Therese Raquin

by Gary Abrahams


Unholy Ghosts

by Campion Decent

Griffin Independent and White Box Theatre

Pale Blue Dot

by Kathryn Marquet

La Boite Theatre Company

Big Baby: Boss of the World

by Van Badham

Terrapin Puppet Theatre

Every Second

by Vanessa Bates

Darlinghurst Theatre Company

M. Rock

by Lachlan Philpott

ATYP and Sydney Theatre Company

Bastard Territory

by Stephen Carleton

JUTE Theatre Company

Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography

by Declan Greene

Griffin Theatre Company and Perth Theatre Company


by Jane Bodie

Griffin Independent and Stories Like These

Wulamanayuwi and the Seven Pamanui

by Jason de Santis

This Year’s Ashes

by Jane Bodie

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