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Playwriting Australia’s State Exchange grants provide travel funding to support the interstate collaboration on a new Australian play. As a national organisation, we know Australia’s vast size can be difficult to manage and this is our way of encouraging companies and playwrights to connect.

We are proud to help our playwrights participate in the broad artistic ecology of our country. Over the past six years, more than 25 collaborations have been funded from each state and territory, and many of them have since had a production outcome, extending the benefit to theatre audiences.

We thank all of those who applied for the State Exchange travel fund in 2014. We were pleased to receive so many applications for exciting creative collaborations happening around the country.

Congratulations to the successful artists, we look forward to hearing how these projects go!

Supported projects 2014

Tsunami by Ned Manning (VIC)
In collaboration with Griffin Theatre Company (NSW)

Tsunami is a contemporary drama set in the near future that charts the ideological and generational struggle between veteran political journalist, Harry Walsh and his recently elected Priminsterial son, Tom.  Tsunami deals with Australia’s refusal to acknowledge climate change as a serious threat and the ramifications that refusal has on an Australian family.

In August 2014, Ned Manning will travel to Sydney to work at Griffin Theatre Company to undertake script development with director Lee Lewis and lighting director Nick Schlieper, followed by a reading with the creative team and ensemble of actors.


LADY by Nicki Bloom (SA)
In collaboration with Red Stitch Theatre Company (VIC)

LADY is a performance work interrogating the notion of femininity in contemporary Australian culture, examining the variety of feminine representations in art, pop culture, media and society. Employing the use of various contemporary “feminine” images as initial stimuli, Nicki Bloom’s LADY will be a politically-minded, domestically-centred black comedy.

The State Exchange grant provides the opportunity for Adelaide-based playwright Nicki Bloom to travel to Melbourne for the first of three intensive workshops, collaborating with members of the Red Stitch Ensemble, dramaturg Gary Abrahams and Artistic Director of Red Stitch, Ella Caldwell.


Murakami by Mayu Kanamori (NSW)
in collaboration with director Malcolm Blaylock (VIC) and Performance 4A (NSW)

Murakami is a multidisciplinary performance work, that tells the story of Yasukichi Murakami, who arrived in Australia from Japan in 1897 and became a photographer, entrepreneur and inventor in Broome, Western Australia. Mayu Kanamori has conducted exhaustive research via several trips to Broome, Darwin, Cowra and Japan, interviewing Murakami’s descendants, to uncover his lost photographs.

In February 2014 Performance 4a will conduct an intensive three-week creative development of Murakami in Sydney.


The Myth Project by ARTHUR

A multi-playwright collaboration between Dan Giovannoni (VIC), Duncan Graham (NSW), Elise Hearst (VIC) and Amelia Evans (VIC), with director Paige Rattray (TAS)

The Myth Project is an ambitious multi-­writer, multi‐episode new work by independent theatre company ARTHUR, which aims to produce four new Australian plays over the coming two years. It is a formally and structurally adventurous piece of theatre with rich references to ancient myth from national and indigenous myth, as well as contemporary world stories and mythological figures.

The ARTHUR team will travel to Tasmania for a week-long creative development hosted by the Shene Estate Historic Site, in Pontville. They will be working on the first playscheduled for production at MTC’s NEON Festivalin July and the second episode The Mesh for co-production with Red Stitch Theatre in October.


Everyman & the Pole Dancers by Lech Mackiewicz (NSW)

In collaboration with Melbourne actors Maude Davey, Jane Bayly, Nikki Shiels, Matt Crosby, Majed Shukor and with composer Noriko Tadano (VIC)

Everyman and the Pole Dancers is an absurd apocalyptic comedy in four quarters. Three generations of a family try to settle their earthly matters before the imminent end. Everyman guides them, through the final stages of existence and helps them to say their goodbyes with dignity – to say their goodbyes before the curtains are drawn on the old world they knew.

Playwright Lech Mackiewicz will travel to Melbourne for the final development workshop of his new play before its Australian premiere in October 2014 at the Metanoia Theatre (Melbourne) and in Tokyo, Japan, at the Shinjoku Ryozanpaku Studio in November 2014.


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Photo: Meredith Penman, promotion image for The Sea Project by Elise Hearst – supported through the State Exchange in 2012

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