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Sketches of the 2018 National Play Festival – capturing the essence

The 2018 winner of the Max Afford Playwrights’ Award Fleur Kilpatrick, attended this year’s National Play Festival in Sydney. Fleur captured the essence of the Play Festival in a series of sketches – from playreadings to artists talks to industry discussions, her drawings and quotes encapsulate stories told and the conversations had. Check out some of Fleur’s sketches below and follow her @FleurKilpatrick


@FleurKilpatrick “Who judges how angry you’re allowed to be?”
~ Andrea James, On Anger Artist Conversation

@FleurKilpatrick “Instead of going ‘it’s the hardest job wah wah wah why did I chose this profession’ … Go for a stroll.” John Romeril, National Play Festival 2018

@FleurKilpatrick #nationalplayfestival blind sketches of The Disability Slapstick Plan. Wonderful innovative form, hilarious, sharp and thoughtful.

The Disability Slapstick Plan Creators continued

@FleurKilpatrick Fascinating conversations at #nationalplayfestival industry discussion on #metoo. So ready to demolish the myth that creative spaces need unfettered creativity to function. They also need to be a workspace and everyone deserves to feel safe at work.

National Play Festival-goers

@FleurKilpatrick Wonderful reading of White Pearl at #nationalplayfestival. This one is ready to go. Ready to be programmed. Time to put it on a stage. #blindsketch

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