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In 2017 Red Line Productions at the Old Fitz Theatre will be launching the New Fitz, a program which will take the place of the current Late Shows.

“This is a unique and compelling idea. To have playwrights react to, reflect upon, and imaginatively re-invent ideas, stories or characters from other plays being staged, and then have the original and the re-make in tandem, is a potentially wonderful method of reinterpretation that will lead to some wonderful work. I’m certain that this challenging concept will bring out the best in many playwrights and will result in future productions where these works survive as stand-alone plays of importance.”- Louis Nowra

We are seeking fearless writers who will write a 45 – 60 minute play as a response to the Main Stage play.

Here is how it works.

1) We select some rock star writers, we welcome you to Red Line and you are part of the inaugural New Fitz Program

2) We send you a selection of full length plays

3)  You respond with which 3 you are interested in responding to. The response can be anything you want. A character, a theme, and idea, anything.

4) We provide you with dramaturgical support, reads, feedback and finally production.

We hope that from these 45-60 minute plays we are able to further develop some and they grow to the 2018 Main Stage.

This program is supported by Playwriting Australia

The program ambassador is Louis Nowra

Depending on the play  you end up responding to,  your writing time will be between 6-12 months. This is a gig that isn’t going to make anyone rich, far from it. It is however a focused program to put your writing under the spotlight and create a bigger conversation within the venue and its audience.  Our focus is not only to develop your craft as a writer but to welcome playwrights to Red Line where we will nurture you script from idea to production. This is your platform.


Please express your interest by emailing and use the subject line NEW FITZ WRITING APPLICATION


You should include

– Biography

– An introduction as to why you would like to write for the New Fitz

– An example of your work (max 20 pages)


Applications are due by Wednesday 15th June 2016. 

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