Notification from the Australia Council regarding Playwriting Australia’s EOI for 4 year funding

On Monday 12th of August, Playwriting Australia (PWA) was advised by the Australia Council that the company, along with over 200 other organisations, has not been invited to submit a full strategic plan and application for consideration later this year.

We acknowledge the very difficult situation many individuals and organisations find themselves in at this time across the theatre community and the wider arts community.

Organisational funding from the Australia Council has, for over 10 years, been key to PWA’s financial infrastructure and therefore the capacity to generate and deliver programs and initiatives with additional state-based, project specific and philanthropic investment.

The review that is in progress will need to take the Australia Council’s decision into consideration when it presents its findings and recommendations. The review is now even more important to help inform PWA and the Australia Council about the most effective and sustainable model of supporting play development and playwrights into the future.

We understand that the Australia Council recognises the need and the importance of supporting playwriting in Australia and looks forward to considering the review and its recommendations. With the benefit of the review, and with broader consultation as required, the Australia Council should be well placed to effectively invest in the future of playwriting.

As we’ve stated before, no further decisions as to PWA’s future will be made until the review has concluded.

We encourage everyone to make a submission to the review by Friday 6 September 2019. The discussion paper is available at

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