28 April 2020

The Boards of Playwriting Australia and Australian Plays are seeking expressions of interest from playwrights and company representatives from across the country to be part of the inaugural National Advisory Panel for the planned new national entity servicing Australian playwriting.

In our joint update from the 31 March 2020, Australian Plays and Playwriting Australia shared that we are working to implement one of the key recommendations from the REA Review ahead of the establishment of the new entity.

Recommendation 10 of the REA Review stated:

That a diverse National Advisory Panel of six playwrights drawn from across the sector, four representatives from the major producing companies, and two representatives from the small to medium and independent sectors be formed to help guide the new organisation’s strategic focus.

This voluntary panel will work with Playwriting Australia and Australian Plays to help forge the strategic direction and culture of the new entity. Eventually, the Panel will work with the new entity to help set longer term agendas. The Panel is an advisory body, not a decision-making authority.

It is expected that the Panel will meet four times a year, with positions cycling off every two years in a staggered fashion. We would suggest that companies would fund the attendance of their own members, and playwrights would be afforded assistance as required to attend meetings in person (when we can do that!).

There is some room for flexibility in terms of the final balance of company representatives from small to medium and major producing companies. The participation and inclusion of First Nations people is a key consideration, as is cultural, gender and geographical diversity. The aim is to find a group that is clearly representative, purposefully provoking, and passionate about Australian playwriting.

Members of this first iteration of the Panel will be selected by the joint Australian Plays and Playwriting Australia Boards. The Boards will retain the right to invite people to join the board to ensure that our commitment to diverse voices is fulfilled. If the new entity is successfully formed, future appointments will be made by the Board of the new entity.

Expressions of Interest closed at 9:00am AEST Monday 11 May 2020.

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