In Conversation about The Disability Slapstick Plan

The Disability Slapstick Plan is a triple-decker narrative of unconventional comedic proportions that navigates the intricacies of access and inclusion. It made its debut at the 2018 National Play Festival and we are excited for more audiences to see The Disability Slapstick Plan in 2019 as part of Darebin Arts’ Speaksy program 22 October – 2 November, 2019. We spoke to a few of the co-creators about this daring, funny and complex work in the lead to the National Play Festival. Over to you Betty Bobbitt, Trevor Dunn and David Woods!

What is your play about?

Betty: Lots of thought provoking scenes exploring love, jealousy, curiosity, problem solving and acting challenges … all seen from the perspective of actors with disabilities.

Trevor: It is about a group of people trying to sort out the politics of representation for the Arts worlds. Some are people with disabled issues and some able bodied.

David: Access in every sense of the word

What I like about my play is…

Betty: The fact that we have been creating it together for years, which helps us to grow and understand the process and each other in a way most actors and writers never experience.

Trevor: It is true to our lived experience sometimes painful at times and speaks out of a discovered truth by our group.

David: Structural ambition

I am most excited about the National Play Festival because…

Betty: It gives me the opportunity to have a proper look at what’s happening in our constantly changing theatrical world.

Trevor: I am most excited by the festival to see how theatre could be a powerful force for positive change.

David: A chance for some  quiet voices to be heard.

How has the play changed from when you first brought the project to Playwriting Australia?

Betty: I prefer to think of it as EVOLVING!!  RAPIDLY evolving!!  Might even be an Opera by Christmas!

Trevor: Our work has changed a lot from the original and will continue to change.

David: 13 drafts , 40 pages cut, the addition of sushi jokes and some Tim Ferguson obscenities.

Who are your playwriting heroes?

Betty: I have three!  William Shakespeare, Edward Albee and Joanna Murray Smith

Trevor: My heroes are – Back to Back Theatre, Weave Movement Theatre, Rollercoaster, Rawcus . All of these work as a group to write their plays.

David: Purni Morell, Companie Rafaello Sanzio and Christoph Marthaler

Why not check out the interview by Australian Plays with the co-creators at the 2018 National Play Festival! Watch here

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