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Playwriting Australia is proud to support fifteen new plays in November and December 2016.

In our second New Play Development submission round for 2016 we received applications from individual playwrights and theatre company nominations for non-Anglo playwrights. We were especially pleased to see an increase in submissions from Western Australia and 60% of submissions were from female playwrights.

Selected Plays

National Script Workshops

Heed the Spark by Clare Testoni

Kiddo by Tim Spencer

Gareth of the Antarctic by Sam Longley

Sista Girl by Elena Carpepetis and Alexis West
Developed in partnership with the State Theatre Company of South Australia

Fly Off The Handle by Melody Dia
Developed in partnership with Goolarri Media Enterprises

Cracked by Barbara Hostalek
Developed in partnership with Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company

Mchanga by Mararo Wangai

Ice Age by Angela Betzien

Lockout by Jules Orcullo

Developed in partnership with Ilbijerri Theatre Company and Melbourne Theatre Company

Rapid Fire

Ivy by Jane Hampson

Still Afraid of Water by Sarah Carradine


Coda by Jessica Messenger and Esther Longhurst.

Alone Outside by Liz Newell

One-On-One Dramaturgy

Into the Closet by Miranda Aguilar
Developed in partnership with CuriousWorks


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