White Pearl

by Anchuli Felicia King

‘This is the law of bloody entropy, darling. This is the immutable truth of the universe. Something has to be destroyed for something to be created. And somebody is getting destroyed today.’

Whitening cream is the bestseller for cosmetic firm Clearday. When a leaked racist video goes viral, the millennial management team scramble to deal with the fallout. Casual blackmail, allegations of corruption and a clash of philosophies fuel this dark comedy about toxic ideas and the complexity of Pan-Asian relations.

Anchuli Felicia King is a multidisciplinary artist of Thai-Australian descent who works primarily in live theatre. Her areas of interest include emerging technologies, 2D animation, VFX and projection design, and writing for performance. She is currently based in New York, where she is the Associate Artistic Director of 3LD Art & Technology Centre.

Director: Courtney Stewart

Dramaturg: Christie Evangelisto

Performances: Wednesday 21st March, 8:15 pm

Friday 23rd March, 12 pm

Single Ticket: $20

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