The Disability Slapstick Plan

Co-created by Betty Bobbitt, Jax Jacki Brown, Trevor Dunn, Jonathan Haynes, Jess Kapuscinski-Evans, Eva Sifis and David Woods

‘I want to take it to another level or layer by having the writer of the play also appear so that I’m not actually me at all I’m an actor playing me – though because we couldn’t afford to get someone to play me I’m actually playing me.’

A triple-decker narrative of unconventional comedic proportions that navigates the intricacies of access and inclusion. The Disability Slapstick Plan is a daring, funny, and complex work featuring artists with perceived physical disability. Examining the right to begin and end life from a polyphony of perspectives – euthanasia, sex, abortion, IVF, suicidal terrorism, and extremism.

Led by the Artistic Directors of Ridiculusmus, David Woods and Jonathan Haynes, and featuring an ensemble of five Melbourne artists with different physical abilities, The Disability Slapstick Plan began as an exploration of access. In response to the tokenistic ‘Disability Action Plans’ employed by companies required to stop disability discrimination, The Disability Slapstick Plan company occupied pavements, rammed wheelie bins and smiled at staircases in search of democracy in action.

Directed by: David Woods and Jonathan Haynes (Ridiculusmus)

Dramaturgical support: Anton Rivette

Design: Marco Cher-Gibard

Additional contributors: Kate Hood, Loki Rickus, and Anton Rivette

The Disability Slapstick Plan is a Ridiculusmus production supported by City of Yarra, Playwriting Australia, Malthouse Theatre, and co-produced by Arts Access Victoria.

Performances: Thursday 22nd March, 2 pm

Saturday 24th March, 7:30 pm

Single Ticket: $20


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