Born, Still

by Jane Harrison

‘I dream of lying in a hospital bed, not being able to sleep, air conditioner noise intruding, nurses clattering about, metal on metal. Someone is doing the rounds. It’s Princess Di.’

Maggie is a pregnant building-owner tree-changer, overwhelmed with decisions about tiles and taps—until tragedy strikes. Her small, private grief sits alongside the sudden, very public death of the ‘People’s Princess.’ Eventually, the flowers wilt and the condolence cards stop, and the tribute songs don’t play on the radio, but Maggie can’t stop wondering — how do you keep a small memory alive? One woman, with songs, relives a sorrow that impacts countless families in this cathartic, ultimately uplifting play.

Jane Harrison is descended from the Muruwari people of New South Wales. Her first play Stolen, co-winner of the Kate Challis RAKA Award 2002, enjoyed seven years of production. Her play Rainbow’s End has been produced in Tokyo and toured 33 venues across Australia in 2011, for which it won the 2012 Drover Award.

Director: Susie Dee

Dramaturg: Francesca Smith

Performances: Wednesday 21st March, 4 pm

Saturday 24th March, 5:30 pm

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