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Every play is a new invention

Please help Playwriting Australia bring them to life

Playwrights have a wonderfully difficult but joyous job. They are called upon to articulate a response to our world and to make that response with originality. Every play is a new invention. Australian playwrights contribute to the narrative of this country and express its ongoing character. Broadway writers can’t do that. Nor can the writers of the West End or Hollywood. But, not one of our plays, no matter the experience of the playwright, will reach the stage without support, nurture and collaboration. That’s theatre: a community enterprise in which nobody flies solo.

If I may be so bold… I hope this includes you and any financial contribution you can make towards this vital work.

We’re still a long way from having the Australian stage that adequately reflects the make up of the nation. Playwriting Australia is the national organisation that engages with playwrights and audiences, to directly foster and often contribute profoundly in the development of Australian writers and Australian plays. This is an organisation that seeks out new voices, extends existing voices and honours past voices of our astonishingly vibrant and diverse culture.

I want to share with you examples of the extremely effective ways that Playwriting Australia strives to make that happen. I was involved in their Lotus program for Asian Australian playwrights as a mentor and a few years back in a similar scheme focused on Indigenous writers. Several productions, some with our major theatre companies, came out of these salons. This is just a glimpse of the many schemes this brilliant organisation runs: pragmatic, smart, empowering strategies that result in new plays and new playwrights.

Playwriting Australia has abundant riches in talent, intelligence, determination and exhilaration for tackling their role in playwrights’ lives and the playwrights’ role in the nation’s cultural life. It does not have literal riches. This small, extraordinary hard-working organisation is directly responsible for the plays that will define our times. It needs your support to ensure exceptional plays are written, exceptional writers discovered and more of our stages are filled with Australian writing now and into the future.  Please consider supporting their work by clicking on the link provided below.


Tommy Murphy, Playwright & Screenwriter


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Playwriting Australia is a not-for-profit organisation endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient. All donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible. A tax receipt for your contribution will be provided.

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