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I first got to know Playwriting Australia (PWA) as an actor, when I was invited to participate in the developments of plays during the 2009 workshop in Brisbane. The experience changed me as an artist forever; I was introduced to the marvellous process of play making and revelled being in the heart of it. I worked with a diverse and talented collection of writers, directors, actors and dramaturgs and discovered it takes a village to make a play. It doesn’t have to, but I am glad with PWA it does. PWA have significantly shaped my growth as an artist by allowing me the time, people and resources for me to develop the story I want to tell. But beyond me personally, PWA shapes our entire industry by supporting storytellers and bringing us out of our darkened writing rooms and into the light of the most glorious kind of collaboration. I can not wait to discover what my play The Gods Of Strangers develops into; I know I will be surrounded by those who want me to do better than I’ve ever done before, who acknowledge my unique voice and point of view and who will cheer me on when I need to solve that pesky critical juncture in act three. ~ Elena Carapetis

PWA is always proud to celebrate the successes of those whose work we have helped develop. This year, in collaboration with our friends at State Theatre Company South Australia we are working with Elena on her new work The Gods of Strangers – part of the company’s 2018 program, supported through Ignition, a major collaboration between Playwriting Australia and companies across Australia.

The Gods of Strangers runs from 14 Nov-2 December 2018 in the Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre. Do catch it if you can.

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