Duologue will support eight collaborative relationships and new work developments for mid-career and established playwrights over an eight-month period.

Playwrights choose a collaborator, and PWA provides for face-to-face or direct working time. The structure is self-determined, and focus can be on a single work or multiple works.

The eight duos are Donna Abela and Alex Galeazzi on Abela’s new work Risdale, a one-woman verbatim theatre piece based on Trish Ridsdale’s account of being related to the country’s most notorious paedophile priest, Gerald Ridsdale; Mary Rachel Brown and Iain Sinclair on two works, Super Griever and Swap; David Finnigan and earth scientist Dr Will Steffen on You’re Safe Til 2024: Deep History, and You’re Safe Til 2024: Deep Futures; Christopher Harley and Tamara Searle on a large-scale, magic-realism piece exploring climate change; Tee O’Neill and Karen Berger on the redevelopment of a work based on O’Neill’s experiences teaching English as a second language to asylum seekers in Ireland; Mark Rogers and Sanja Simić on three new works – Naked and Screaming (interrogating the efficacy of Australia’s family law system), No, No, No (a monologue that tracks a male, middle-aged novelist’s day at a writer’s festival) and another work based on Simić’s experience of the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s and her coming to Australia); Lewis Treston and Alastair Clark to develop a new play on the ontology of queer desire in contemporary Australia; Katy Warner and Lyall Brooks on the development of two plays that will complete the trilogy Warner began with A Prudent Man.


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