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It’s been quite a year. There are years to look back on fondly, and then there’s 2016. From the deaths of so many heroes to the seismic shifts in how the world thinks and acts, I for one am ready to get out of this nonsense pretty much immediately.

In a year of torment and grit for so many in the arts world, I did want to acknowledge again and again the magnificent work done by playwrights throughout the country and the theatres that fight tirelessly to put those voices onstage. Despite the pain and constraints surrounding our corner of the theatre landscape, writers have been their inimitable resilient selves, channelling their rage and their hope into their work.

I’ve been told to write a short review of PWA’s year. So, instead of dwelling on the bad stuff, here are some of our highlights:

• We worked with 127 playwrights across 14 program strands

• Writers developed 52 new works with PWA

• Over 400 new works submitted to our programs

• Our strongest year yet for diverse cultural and gender representation

• Our most successful National Play Festival ever, with the best Industry Program yet

• Five co‐commissions, one with NORPA and four with WAAPA

• Three Lotus plays will receive full productions in 2017

• The successful launch of a new bespoke program for WA playwriting, which will, we hope, in time significantly up the standard of WA playwriting

• A new Indigenous playwriting training program, Muru, with Moogahlin

• Our dramaturgy training program with the Blue Room in Perth has been so popular we have had to run two different groups concurrently

• PWA’s first resident playwright in 5 years, Reg Cribb

• 10 writers in our Western Sydney salon, with National Theatre of Parramatta

• Four experienced artists receiving a genuinely in‐depth dramaturgy mentorship in Sydney

Thank you to all the playwrights, dramaturgs, directors, actors, interns, producers and colleagues who have worked with us so generously this year. And thank you to the heroic team at PWA HQ for being endlessly amazing.

On behalf of all the team at PWA, I’m sending you the very best for a much, much better 2017. Have a great summer.



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