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Playwriting Australia’s Artistic Director introduces our 2014 program, including extended programs and new opportunities.


For seven years now, Playwriting Australia has been the national leader in the development of new plays. We seek out work of uncommon promise from writers of singular vision and interrogate, pummel, promote and celebrate its potential.

Our aim is clear: to ensure the quality of work on Australia’s stages is the very best it can be. I passionately believe that playwrights imagine the world anew for us. But vivid ideas alone don’t make a great play.

Playwriting Australia’s extensive development models surround writers with the opportunity to push at the boundaries of their craft.

Our National Script Workshopsare one of the very few places writers can become fully immersed in their play, and around 70% of the scripts developed go on to receive full productions. Exceptional new plays aren’t made by writers in isolation and in 2014 we further our commitment to nurturing artists who work alongside playwrights with the expansion of our dramaturgy programs and the launch of our new directors’ course.

We acknowledge there is still so much to be done to create a playwriting culture that reflects the Australia we live in. We start building a long-term diversity program, focusing in 2014 on Indigenous dramaturgy and training a new generation of Asian Australian writers.

In June, Sydney will host a National Play Festival that reflects all these bold intentions, overflowing with inspiring new plays and provocative conversations. This year Playwriting Australia will employ its 1000th artist, and each one has made an invaluable contribution to building a legacy of Australian plays that is dynamic, invigorating, challenging and entertaining.

As Playwriting Australia enters a new phase, we look to the future: to the wealth of stories we want to see produced; to the vast range of voices currently absent from our stages; to a fusion of craft and vision equal to anywhere in the world; to a society where our playwrights are cultural beacons. Take this program as the next stage in a mission to seismically change Australian playwriting within a generation.

I hope you’ll find plenty in this program to inspire you.

Tim Roseman
Artistic Director


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