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h3>An imaginative new Australian voice on Sydney’s independent stage

Back in 2011, Natalia Savvides was one of the young and emerging playwrights selected for our very first Re-GEN emerging playwright initiative. Her play – The Light Box – received a week-long development workshop in collaboration with an emerging creative team – director James Dalton and dramaturg Declan Greene – working with an impressive cast of actors including Terry Yeboah, Paula Arundell, Danielle Cormack, Eamon Farren, Russell Dykstra, Josh Quong Tart, Guy Simon and Emily Morrison.

Working alongside the National Script Workshops, Natalia and the creative team had the opportunity to observe the script development of Angela Betzien”s Helicopter and Little Borders by Phillip Kavanagh. The Light Box was also presented as an animated film / reading event as part of the Sydney Film Festival last year and a production at independent theatre 107 Projects in Redfern in July 2013, both also directed by James Dalton.

Our Re-Gen project is all about investing in the work of exciting new voices and we are thrilled to see this wonderful new work on stage!

More about the play

It is impossible to predict who you will love. Or who will love you in return. Australian playwright Natalia Savvides teleports this impossibility into another place altogether with her new work, The Light Box.

When Ethel stabs talkative co-worker Annie with a spoon, she sets off a chain of events that will bring both women face to face with the past. Ethel’s mother Lesley left the family after a torrid affair with a toucan; her father never recovered. Now a grown woman, Ethel’s violence lands her in an institution where she is watched over by The Man Made of Spoons, a genial if bumbling psychiatrist. While in confinement, Ethel receives regular visits from a cleaner, and as their tentative friendship blossoms to romance, she begins to understand why her mother may have sacrificed so much for love.

The Light Box by Natalia Savvides

107 Projects, Redfern
10 – 28 July 2013
Director James Dalton
Producers Fat Boy Dancing and We Do Not Unhappen
Set Designer Dylan Tonkin
Light Designer Benjamin Brockman
Sound Designer Nate Edmondson
Hannah Barlow, Tom Christophersen, Stephanie King and Dean Mason
Tickets : Adult: $25 and $20
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