Post Production

The most essential time in a play’s development comes when it lives and breathes in front of an audience: production. As a play transitions from the rehearsal room for the first time, the writer learns more than ever before how the work feels and functions, seeing it through an audience member’s eyes. It’s a pivotal time for a new piece and full of challenges that in the most fertile circumstances result in the evolution of the work as well as the artistic growth of the writer. Post Production acknowledges our commitment to finding ways for plays to have longer lives. The program encourages us to reconsider the way we view first productions: as not an end point for the writer but a big next step in the work’s ongoing life.

PWA will support the ongoing work of a playwright amid and just following production. A peer [playwright or dramaturg] will spend time seeing the work in production and familiarizing themselves with it, after which they will consult with the writer or creative team for four hours, unpacking what was learned from production and supporting a plan for ongoing work.


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