New Play Development Program

The New Play Development Program offers the widest range of opportunities for the creative development of new scripts. 2018 New Play Development Program will open mid year. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn when submissions are open

Playwriting Australia is dedicated to working with writers at all levels of their career, offering them time, space and creative expertise to explore and refine their new plays. Whether with a cast of actors in a full workshop setting or one-on-one with a dramaturg, our script development models focus on exploration and creative dialogue between artists, away from the pressures of performance outcomes.

We offer a tailored approach to the way we support new plays through three different development strands.
LONGFORM: six months of individual sessions with a PWA dramaturg. It is a a longer-term investment in your work. Selected playwrights will receive up to six months of on-going dramaturgical support from a member of the PWA artistic team or appointed artist. You might want big-picture feedback and analysis or assistance unknotting a particularly tricky problem.

RAPID FIRE: a day-long workshop with actors and creatives which gives playwrights the chance to hear their play read by actors and receive immediate feedback from PWA’s creative team. This is a perfect opportunity to test a first draft or just a few scenes and interrogate the main landscape of the play with a team of experienced dramaturgs and actors.

NATIONAL SCRIPT WORKSHOP: provides playwrights with one or two weeks of creative development, including time spent in conference with dramaturgs and directors, rehearsal time with actors and writing time. It is not intended that writers will produce a performance-ready script by the end of the workshop nor to conclude with a public reading. Playwrights may apply individually, as co-writers or as part of a creative team.

We encourage playwrights to take ownership of their creative process and tell us honestly what you think you need moving forward; this is the start of a conversation between you and PWA about your play and the most effective ways to advance it. Don’t worry if you don’t know what program best suits your play, our expert panel will make a starting recommendation. We invite submissions of unproduced drafts at any stage of their development with a view to providing a crucial and timely investment in the work.

We strongly welcome and encourage applications from playwrights of all cultural backgrounds, identities, abilities, genders and geographic locations in Australia. We are committed to supporting an Australian theatre environment that reflects our contemporary society.

The Diversity Pledge
Playwriting Australia is a proud supporter of the #CreateDiversity pledge. We strongly encourage all playwrights to include a statement, where appropriate, alongside the character descriptions, to promote diverse casting. Suggested pledges include:
1] I encourage the producer to collaborate the artists from diverse backgrounds in the realisation and presentation of this work.
2] I encourage anyone producing and casting this work to consider performers from diverse backgrounds, including for roles where a character’s ethnic or cultural background, age, gender, sexuality or disability need not be specified.
3] The cast should reflect the diversity of Sydney, Australia.
Find out more about the #CreateDiversity pledge, an initiative of MEAA Equity Diversity Committee, and sign it today here.

The National Play Festival
All plays developed through PWA’s programs will be automatically considered for the biennial Play Festival each year.

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