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Five Questions with #PlayFest16 playwright Melodie Reynolds-Diarra.
Five Questions with #PlayFest16 playwright Steve Rodgers.
Five Questions with #PlayFest16 playwright Melissa Reeves.
Five Questions with #PlayFest16 playwright Liv Satchell.
Triple R radio interview on Smart Arts with Playwriting Australia’s Artistic Director Tim Roseman.
Five Questions with #PlayFest16 playwright Chris Summers.
Ben Brooker from Real Time interviews Tim Roseman and unpacks the #playfest16 program.
national_play_festival_h_0516.eaf7d2720c08b4c893619c0057850eea The Music announces the National Play Festival is coming to Melbourne
penny arm 623 356 Theatre People profiles the 2016 National Play Festival
beat image The Beat profiles the 2016 National Play Festival
Tagg profiles the 2016 National Play Festival

Media Releases

June 2016 – National Play Festival full program announced – Download

May 2016 – This year the Keynote address will be presented by one of Australia’s most celebrated playwrights, Michael Gow. – Download

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