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Razing the Roof Playwrights who identified their own generation’s anxieties so perfectly discuss what would be in their sights now if they were 20 years old and just as angry all over again.The Big Chill: A Survival Guide Join a panel of proven survivors as they share fun practical and sometimes dark and surprising tips as we compile a Playwright’s Survival Handbook for each of their respective “Big Chills”. More Info
LateNight_623_35610 Write Like A Man An evening of mansplaining on how to get ahead as a male playwright in Australia. Crack a tinnie, sit back and live the dream as the secrets of masculine narrative come into full frontal. More Info
Playwriting101_623_35613 Playwriting 101 Have you ever wanted to write a play? Now’s your chance. Working with two of Playwriting Australia’s core artists, we take you on a whirlwind ride through the ins and outs, do’s and don’ts of writing for the stage. Bring your pencil. (Or a laptop.) More Info
                    PLAY:RELAY – A multi-skilled, multi-layered masterclass in the craft of playwriting, led by some of Australia’s leading playwrights. They will share their favourite element of craft – whether it be character building, dramatic structure, or how to write believable cracking dialogue – the how, when and why they do it. Listen, learn, take note(s) and be motivated and inspired beyond your imagination. More Info