npf16 artist talks


The Agony and the Agony

One of Australia’s greatest living playwrights gives, in his words “A Totally Impractical Guide to Playwriting”. Michael Gow promises to share gems from a life at the forefront of Australian theatre.
An evening of characteristic insight and brilliance from one of Australia’s greats.

When: Wednesday 27 July, 6.30pm
Single Ticket: Full $20 / Concessions $15 (+booking fees)

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Razing the Roof

Playwrights who identified their own generation’s anxieties so perfectly discuss what would be in their sights now if they were 20 years old and just as angry all over again.

What Their Generation would be writing if they were This Generation.

Panel Includes: John HardingJoanna Murray-Smith, Hannie Rayson, John Romeril

When: Thursday 28 July, 4pm

Tickets: Free (no booking)

The Big Chill: A Survival Manual

In a climate growing colder. What do we all need to do to survive the big chill? Huddle together and share the warmth or split up and chase down the last remaining resources?

Join a panel of proven survivors as they share fun practical and sometimes dark and surprising tips as we compile a Playwright’s Survival Handbook for each of their respective “Big Chills”.

Panel Includes: Angus Cerini, Tom Holloway, Jane Montgomery Griffiths, Chi Vu, Jane Harrison

When: Friday 29 July, 2pm

Tickets: Free (no booking)

Late Night Event: Write Like A Man

A light hearted dig at tropes like; the hidden expectation for chase, capture, resolution plot structures (to satisfy the male libido) through to the monetary benefits of introducing manic pixie dream girls (to satisfy the male libido) and of course, momentary spasms of remorse (to satisfy the male libido). Special guests will share a treasure trove of hot tips how to harvest the treasures that await writers who toe the heteronormative line.

Write like a man, slay the dragon, win the prize.

When: Thursday 28 July, 10pm

Tickets: Free (no booking)