A Message from Lachlan 

Happy New Year. A year of the pigs and, if January is anything to go by, playwrights.

In the past month I’ve been thrilled to see some amazing new work that has included vibrant readings of First Nations writers’ plays at Mooghalin’s Yellamundie National First Peoples Playwriting Festival, S. Shakthidharan’s awe inspiring Counting and Cracking and a terrific work in progress showing of Katrina Irawati Graham’s Siti Rubiyah. With Perth and Adelaide Fringe/Festival close and Midsumma and Mardi Gras happening, it’s a beautifully gay and inspiring time.

I’ll keep it short this month, because I’ve been doing a lot of talking as we consult for our long term strategy and gear up for playwrights consultations in coming months in Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Lismore, Melbourne, Sydney, and Western Sydney.

These forums are a way for the PWA team to connect to the people at the heart of our being; playwrights. It’s also a chance for you to come and talk to us and your peers in an ongoing conversation about how we work as a community and how PWA can best serve the diverse needs of writers across Australia. If we are coming to your region, please come along and if we are not coming to a place near you, please let us know and we will do our best to get you to a forum or we will talk on the phone. Because if you identify as a playwright, we genuinely want to engage with you.

In the next few weeks we will be announcing our 2019 script development workshop program. It is a pilot program that is designed with increased opportunities for playwrights to access support at different stages of a play’s development in mind. I can’t wait to roll this out.

We have also introduced a THINK PIECE for the newsletter each month where we commission a playwright to writer a short piece about anything BUT theatre. Thanks Kathryn for starting this in such a provocative way. I love imagining you in the supermarket giving caged egg buyers stink eye.

Happy Mardi Gras, happy fringes and happy year of the PIG, especially if it is being spared being turned into bacon. Oink!


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