Announcing: Post Production

This program is one step PWA will take in a determined quest to find pathways for plays to have longer lives. The program invests in development during and after the first production, encouraging us to think differently about first productions; that they are not an end point for the writer but rather a big first step in a play’s ongoing life.

The most essential time in a play’s development comes when it lives and breathes in front of an audience. As a play transitions from the rehearsal room for the first time, the writer truly discovers how the work feels and functions, seeing it through an audience member’s eyes. It’s a pivotal time for a new piece and full of challenges that in the most fertile circumstances result in the evolution of the work as well as the artistic growth of the writer.

PWA will support the ongoing work of a playwright during and just following production. The writer nominates a peer [playwright or dramaturg] who PWA will support to see the work in production, then consult with the writer or creative team. He/she will help unpack what was learned from production and support the formulation of a plan for ongoing work with an eye towards how the play can be refined and continue to live. PWA will remunerate both the writer and the supporting peer for up to a total of six hours. PWA will also offer support, when appropriate, with chaperoning the work towards further life.

Who can apply: If your work is going into its first production in Australia during 2019 you are eligible to apply for this program.

How do I apply?Submit by 9am on March 25 2019. If your work is onstage before the closing date, please contact the office as soon as possible.

Projects will be selected by PWA staff and two outside evaluators using the following criteria:

-Demonstrated interest/investment by the writer in driving post-production development of their work

-Strong articulation of why the proposed collaborator is the right fit for the project and writer

-Strength of the work itself; compelling, timely, venturesome projects with room to grow and a wide audience


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