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For the third year of our Lab program, Playwriting Australia was proud to support a collaborative venture led by Think+DO Tank and written by playwrights Jada Alberts and Duncan Graham.

The PWA Lab is a workshop opportunity encouraging artists to take risks, experiment with new forms and examine the possibilities of including playwrights in innovative processes, aiming to bring the unique skills of a writer to an ever-widening theatre-making practice.

This year we received more than 30 applications from teams across the country, with a broad range of artists and projects demonstrating the vibrancy of cross-artform collaborations in the sector. The selected team was given a week-long development workshop to workshop their idea and access dramaturgical support from the PWA artistic team.

Jane Stratton reflects on the 2016 PWA Lab

The Against the Tide team were the happy recipients of the PWA Lab in 2016. In early August, we came down to the water’s edge at  PWA’s HQ. Our work is about the Parramatta River and Sydney Harbour so we were doubly happy to be working in situ.

We are making an ambitious work that navigates the entire length of the Parramatta River, exploring the stories of those places through the combined talents of playwrights, composers and creative technologists together with community members who know the River’s stories.

The week proved to be a precious opportunity for us. We had the gift of Playwriting Australia’s Resident Dramaturg, Iain Sinclair. He threw us incisive, brave and insightful questions that helped us to unravel some of our knottiest challenges.

We are incredibly grateful to PWA for their generosity and support, and to Iain Sinclair in particular for the gift of his talents, intellect and patience.

 Jane Stratton

Executive Producer
Think+Do Tank

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