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A new play inspired by interviews with Australian alien abductees

In a new devised work co-produced by Perth Theatre Company (WA) and Q Theatre Company (NSW), award-winning playwright  (Truck Stop, Silent Disco – AWGIE Award Best Stage Play 2011) invites us to hear from three everyday Australians who were once contacted by an otherworldly force.

ALIEИATION is a brave new production directed by Melissa Cantwell, Artistic Director of Perth Theatre Company.

The project was supported by Playwriting Australia through the State Exchange programme, covering Lachlan’s travel to Perth in March 2013 to work with Melissa on the second script development process. ALIEИATION was first developed through Hothouse Theatre’s Month in the Country residency in November 2012.


More about the play

Forget what you know.

On September 19 at 3.30am a simultaneous alien abduction occurred across this city.

I don’t know how to tell you this…
The abductees were removed from earth, then returned twenty minutes later.

They took me from my bed. I was dreaming. They came through the window and…
The next morning all that remains is a dream like memory and the knowledge that nothing will ever be the same again.

Alienation will divide believers and skeptics, presenting audiences with the question, ‘Are we really alone in the universe?’ Truth, faith and phenomenon are explored in this provocative investigation of the relationship between the paranormal and the domestic.

Writer Lachlan Philpott
Director Melissa Cantwell
Research Consultant Mary Rodwell (Founder of the Australian Close Encounter Research Network)
Set & Costume Designer Bruce McKinven
Audio Visual Designer Christopher Kenworthy
Lighting Designer Benjamin Cistrene
Sound Designer Peter Dawson
Cast includes
Naomi Hanbury, Luke Hewitt, Natalie Holmwood and Robert Jago


Perth Theatre Company: Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of WA
28 June – 13 July 2013
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Q Theatre Company: Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre
18 –  27 July 2013
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